Coldtober 31 Day Challenge

The countdown is on for #Coldtober!! 

In 2021, the Coldtober team saw their month-long sea swimming fundraiser challenge called Coldtober go national, so all of Ireland could take part!

Twenty+ different locations around Ireland saw participants take part by going for a swim every day for this 31-day challenge in their local sea swimming area.
For anyone who would like to take part but isn’t near a sea swimming spot, you can take part by having a 30-second cold shower each day!
The first 500 participants to register for the challenge will receive a Coldtober Portwest Beanie from our sponsor Portwest Ireland, and the delicious, unique Solaris Tea to warm you up after your sea swim.

By registering to Coldtober you agree to the Terms & Conditions

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Make sure you are prepared before hitting the water.
Here are our top tips for swimming in cold water:

👉🏼  Choose the right clothing - Going into very cold water (typically less than 10c) can cause numbness and pain, particularly in the extremities, such as the hands and feet. Neoprene socks and gloves can help protect your hands and feet.

👉🏼  Always warm up beforehand - In order to better handle the cold water shock when entering the water, a quick jog beforehand can help increase your core temperature and heart rate.

👉🏼  Enter the water slowly - Entering the water gently allows your core body temperature to cool more slowly, and you get used to the water as temperatures drop.

👉🏼  Keep close to the shore -  No matter your experience, it is always safest to swim close and parallel to the shore.

👉🏼  Don’t swim alone - If possible swim in an area where lifeguards can supervise or use a buddy system.

👉🏼  Get dressed in warm clothes and put on a changing robe as soon as you exit the water -  your body can continue to cool for approximately 20-30 minutes. This means that your deep body temperature will be cooler up to 30 minutes after your swim, than when you get out of the water. In other words, warming up immediately after your swim is vital.



Best places to Sea Swim in Ireland 🌊 🏊🏼
👉🏼 The Point, Westport Co. Mayo
👉🏼 Killaloe, Co. Clare
👉🏼 Salthill Diving Board, Co. Galway
👉🏼 Streedagh Beach, Co. Sligo
👉🏼 Youghal Beach, Co. Cork
👉🏼 The Forty Foot, Co. Dublin
👉🏼 Derrynane, Co. Kerry
👉🏼 Rougey Rocks, Co. Donegal


Coldtober Outdoor Swimming Challenge for Mental Health - Portwest Ireland Outdoor Shop

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