Portwest are serious about sustainability

Our first range of recycled, more sustainable Portwest clothing will arrive in-store and online next month. But did you know we already have a wide selection of Eco-Conscious clothing, accessories and footwear, both instore and online?

It is our aim at Portwest Ireland to respond meaningfully and take the necessary steps to address the ongoing threat of climate change. We continuously strive to introduce low-carbon and green initiatives by increasing resource efficiency and designing more sustainable products.

Over the past year we have taken a wide array of steps to help produce garments in a more environmentally friendly manner. As we prepare to welcome our first designs - we are also excited to welcome an increased range of eco-conscious clothing, accessories and footwear to our eco-conscious collection of products from suppliers with green credentials.

Lets take a look the first steps in our strategy to make our own products more sustainable.


  • We have introduced a range of products made from recycled polyester. This fabric is produced by melting down used PET bottles which otherwise would have ended up in landfill and converting them into a polyester yarn. These products are identified with the recycled icon in the catalogue or the bottle swing tag on the garment. Each garment will specify the approximate number of PET bottles equivalent to the recycled content.
  • Portwest Outdoor Protection Range swing tags are made from responsibly sourced recycled card which can be recycled after use.
  • We are committed to the reduction of plastic to help combat the worldwide problem of single use plastic waste and have a pathway in place to switch to a more sustainable version of garment polybags.
  • Bags used for shipping online orders are made from 80% recycled plastic content.


  • The Portwest Outdoor Protection range no longer uses silica gel sachets to protect goods from damage caused by moisture but instead uses DRI CLAY® sachets which are plastic-free, biodegradable, and chemical-free.
  • All Portwest Outdoor Protection garments use hemp cord instead of plastic kimbles on products. Hemp cord is fully compostable and can be broken down naturally in domestic compost bins.


  • About one-fifth of the world’s cotton production comes from a region in the Far East where there are alleged human rights abuses. We have committed to only use cotton which is not sourced from this region.


  • Portwest are committed to open and honest messaging on products with regards to sustainability and recycling. Products made from recycled content show on labels the exact percentage of recycled content used in the fabric construction, or the average number of PET bottles recycled to make a fabric on a swing tag on the product. We are sincere in our sustainability efforts and produce eco-friendly products in a transparent manner which is easy for the consumer to understand.

Although we are proud of these initial changes, we know that there is so much more we can do as a business. 

Some of the Portwest Autumn/Winter 2021 fleeces will be labelled with the average number of PET recycled bottles from which they are made from, and we also plan to use more eco-friendly production processes and in turn discontinuing the use of some rainwear fabric. The use more eco dyes in the production process of new collections we design and manufacture is also in the pipeline.

To shop the range of eco-friendly clothing, accessories and footwear, call into one of the Portwest stores or click a section below: 

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