Portwest Recycling Initiative

Portwest is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its clothing and accessories products. To achieve this, we have a Clothing Recycling Initiative that involves sending unwanted garments, clothes and accessories to recycling experts where they will be used to create new garments via recycling.

Customers can drop any item of Portwest clothing or accessories into the Clothing Hoppers (located in the store) and we will send the contents to a central recycling point where they will be used primarily for future manufacturing of other garments, clothes and textiles via recycling. This is the primary and preferred route and is achieved when recycled materials are Wool, Cotton or Tencel.

Any materials that cannot be recycled in this manner are instead used to create a range of products such as insulation and partition walls. If the first two routes are not an option as the material cannot be recycled, it is made into chips and melted or used to generate energy as part of our recycling partner's "zero to landfill" policy.   

Portwest has developed clear and defined short and long-term sustainability goals. We call this initiative Portwest Planet.

Our core values are reflected in everything we do at Portwest Planet. We ensure that we operate in a manner that is ethical and responsible so that you, our valued customer, can trust us in all aspects of your shopping loyalty experience.

To celebrate the launch of this initiative, Portwest is offering customers 10% of their next purchase when they recycle an item with us (T&Cs apply).

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