Top 5 Summer Rainwear

Have you heard that July was the wettest July on record so far?


Let's face it, here in Ireland, when we say "summer," we often mean something a little different than most places. Yes, we have those glorious sunny days where everything is green and radiant, but we also have a fair share of those unpredictable rain showers, especially along the west coast on the Wild Atlantic Way. It’s part of the charm, isn’t it? And hey, it’s exactly why our landscapes are so lush and green. And so, whether you're running to the shops, taking your family to the park, or an outdoor adventure ready to conquer Ireland’s trails, reliable summer rainwear should be at the top of your wardrobe list. So let's dive into it!


First off, what makes great summer rainwear?



It might be raining, but it's still summer! The last thing you want is a raincoat that transforms you into a portable sauna. A breathable material will keep you cool while protecting you from rain. GORE-TEX and our very own Ventron materials are popular choices for a reason—they allow water vapor (sweat) to escape while keeping raindrops out.


Water Resistance:


This one is a no-brainer. Your rainwear must be able to withstand showers without becoming soaked through. Look for jackets rated for at least 5,000mm of water column pressure. That means it can handle a decent amount of rainfall.




Summer showers are often a brief affair, and you don't want to be lugging around a hefty coat all day. Opt for lightweight materials that pack down small, so you can easily carry them in your backpack when the sun peeks back out.




From rough trails to brambles in the park, your rainwear needs to be tough enough to endure whatever adventures you have planned.


And here are our 5 BEST- SELLING summer rainwear:









So, now that you know what to look for, why is it so important?


Well, let's start with comfort. Even a brief shower can leave you drenched and miserable without the right protection. Plus, wet clothes can chafe, leading to sore spots—a real dampener on any outdoor experience. Proper rainwear keeps you dry and comfortable so you can focus on enjoying your adventure.


And then there's the question of health. Getting wet and then being exposed to wind or lower temperatures can lead to colds or hypothermia, even in summer. Your health should be your top priority, and having suitable rainwear is a simple way to protect it.


Lastly, the right rainwear allows you to embrace the Irish summer in all its unpredictable glory. You won't have to scramble for shelter when a surprise shower hits, or miss out on beautiful moments because you're too busy dodging drops. With your trusty rainwear, you'll be ready to seize every moment, rain or shine.


Remember, a little rain never hurt anybody, especially when you’re prepared for it. So, go out there, gear up right and embrace the magic of an Irish summer—the bright sunshine, the green landscapes, and yes, even those surprise rain showers. Because let's face it, it wouldn't be an Irish summer without a bit of rain, would it? And once you’re equipped with the right rainwear, you’ll be singing even when the skies are crying!

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