How to get changed outdoors in complete privacy. Portwest Adults changing towel available at Portwest - The Outdoor Shop

Ever had the awkward experience of trying to change clothes outdoors, constantly looking over your shoulder to ensure you maintain your privacy? If you're a surfer, swimmer, hiker or trail runner you've likely faced this situation more than once. 



We’ll paint you a picture. You’re back at your car.  The car park is full, and you’re drenched. You look around for somewhere private to change. There’s no public restroom. You hold your towel with one hand and you try to get changed with your free hand. You feel stressed and if you’re honest, a little vulnerable.


But what if we told you there's a solution to allow you to get changed in complete privacy outdoors?


The Portwest Adults Changing Towel is much more than an ordinary towel. It's a smart solution, specially crafted for those who value their privacy while having to get changed outdoors. Made from 100% cotton heavy weight fabric, this towel offers a secure and private space to change clothes after your outdoor adventures. The real star, however, is the ingenious short length sleeve design.


You might be thinking, "What's so special about a towel with sleeves?" The answer lies in the added privacy they give you. These sleeves offer extra arm coverage, meaning you can change clothes without worrying about accidental exposure. Now, you can comfortably and confidently get out of your wetsuit or change your clothes without feeling exposed or uncomfortable.


But the Portwest Changing Towel isn't all about privacy. Because your towel is made from super absorbent cotton material, you don’t need to bring another towel to dry off. And the spacious hood acts like a towel for your head.




With a history spanning nearly 120 years, we been produce exceptional outdoor clothing that stands the test of time and elements. Available in two adult sizes and children's sizes, the Portwest Changing Towel is truly a versatile solution for everyone. It offers ample space for you to change inside, ensuring you no longer need to struggle with undersized, impractical towels.


So, whether you're spending the day in the water or hitting the trails and need to freshen up, the Portwest Adults Changing Towel is an essential addition to your outdoor gear. It's a small investment that delivers big on privacy, making your outdoor experiences more enjoyable and less of a worry.


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