How to Care for Your Wetsuit

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We believe the key to truly enjoying nature's playground lies not only in having the right gear but in knowing how to care for it, too. Whether you're a beginner who just bought your first wetsuit or a seasoned surfer looking to get the most out of your gear, this guide is for you. Let's ensure you, and your gear, are ready to make the most of Ireland's world-renowned beaches and water sports spots.


Your wetsuit works by trapping a thin layer of water tightly between your skin and the suit. Your body heat, heats the water to 98 degrees and then it keeps you warm. You see, your wetsuit is your own personal heater when you're braving the colder waters, your shield from the harsh sun, and your protective armour against rogue boards, rocks and waves. So, it's important you take good care of this noble friend, right? Let's dive into how you can ensure your wetsuit lasts for many tides and why it matters.


First, why is caring for your wetsuit so important? One of the main reasons is purely financial. Wetsuits, especially quality ones, can be an investment. But with proper care, they can last for years, meaning you won't be needing to shell out for a replacement any time soon. Plus, a well-maintained wetsuit provides consistent protection and comfort, essential elements for a thrilling and safe water sports session.


But enough of the why, let's get down to the how.


1: Rinse, Rinse, and Rinse Again:


Post water sports, it's crucial you rinse your wetsuit thoroughly with fresh, cool water. This helps to get rid of the salt residue from seawater which can degrade the neoprene over time. Don't forget to rinse the inside too; after all, the sweat and sunscreen can be just as damaging.


2: Drying Time:


Once rinsed, allow your wetsuit to dry in a well-ventilated, shaded area. Direct sunlight may speed up the process but, it's not your friend here, it can cause the neoprene to lose its flexibility and colour. And remember, hang your wetsuit folded at the waist over a thick bar or a special wetsuit hanger to prevent it from stretching out. If you don’t have a special wetsuit hanger, a wooden hanger will do the trick.


3: Periodic Deep Clean:


Every so often, give your wetsuit a deep clean using specially formulated wetsuit cleaners. These help to eliminate odours and extend the life of your wetsuit. Follow the instructions on the bottle, and avoid using harsh detergents; they could harm the neoprene or the glue holding your wetsuit together.


4: Patch up Tears Quickly:


Even with the utmost care, accidents do happen. If you get a tear in your wetsuit, don't panic. Small rips can be easily repaired using a wetsuit adhesive. Larger tears may need professional repair, but it’s better than having to replace the entire suit.


5: Proper Storage:


Is there anything less appealing than putting on a damp wetsuit? When you’re not using your wetsuit store your suit in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Hang it up, folded at the waist, rather than shoving it in a drawer or leaving it crumpled in the boot of your car. 


So there you have it, a bit of post-wave TLC for your wetsuit and you'll be enjoying those early morning sessions and sunset surfs for years to come. This isn't just about making your wetsuit last, it's about cherishing each piece of equipment that helps you get your dose of vitamin sea.


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