Camping in Comfort

Is there anything more satisfying than laughing with your nearest and dearest around the glow of a campfire?

You often go camping because of its minimalist appeal but you can still camp in comfort. We’ve put this checklist together for you to help make camping an awesome experience everyone in your family can enjoy. There are tons of camp sites in Ireland and while it’s not illegal to wild camp, you should follow all signs relating to restrictions and make sure you’re not camping on private property.


And now for your checklist: 



Your campsite or the place you set up camp is one of, if not the most important element of your camping experience. You'll have a ton of options of campsites and camping spots in Ireland and where you pitch your tent will dictate what exactly you'll need to bring because some campsites will have more amenities than others.




You'll have a number of options available to you. You can decide to cook as little as possible or go all out and prepare a campsite feast.




    First Aid Essentials

    Every adventure needs a first aid kit. While you could argue food and water are not items you'd usually find in your first aid kit you wouldn't go camping without them.





      Clothing & Footwear

      Of course, the longer your camping trip is planned for the more clothes you'll need to bring. Regardless of the forecast you should plan to bring a change of clothes for any unplanned downpours.

      Long Sleeve T-shirt

      And there you have it. We've covered the essentials to help you pack for your next camping adventure. Remember, a good checklist is more than just a list of items to pack. It's your roadmap to a stress-free and enjoyable camping trip. Having the right gear can make a world of difference between a memorable camping experience and one you'd rather forget. But don't forget that every adventure is different, and your checklist might need a few tweaks depending on where you're headed and what you plan to do. And as always, follow the Leave No Trace principles.

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