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At Portwest our team members are always looking out for one another and making sure that our customer's needs are met and that they are satisfied with our service. Our workers are amazing at their jobs and very passionate about their work as they love the outdoors and outdoor activities. Here is a little about our team. Each team member has shared a little about themselves and how they like to spend their time outdoors.

First up we have....


My name is Kerry, and I am a Sales Assistant at Portwest Outdoor Shop. I started working with Portwest in September 2021. I love the buzz of meeting new people every day and helping them find the right gear for their next outdoor activity.  

I love the products in our store and I’m really looking forward to our water sports range in the coming summer. My favourite outdoor activity is the Tri Kingdome Come Triathlon.  

I’ve always loved running and swimming from a young age, so I got into triathlons straight away. This triathlon takes place in Fenit, Co Kerry every summer. I completed my first triathlon here and fell in love, coming back to complete it on numerous occasions. The course takes in all the scenic views in the area and the day always brings about an amazing atmosphere for both participants and the public.  



Hi, I’m Tina and I’m new to Portwest. I started working as a Sales Assistant here on January 29th, 2022. I love chatting to people of all ages and helping them to find what they are looking for.  

I’ve always loved the outdoors especially walking my dog & running. My favourite hike is climbing Mangerton Mountain. I really enjoy hiking and am spoilt for choice in the Killarney region.  

I try to get up a mountain 1-2 times a month. I love Mangerton Mountain especially because it’s only a 10-minute drive from Killarney. It's a lovely hike and has amazing views of the Devil's bowl and the lakes of Killarney.  

It’s not as busy as other routes, especially in the busy summer season. It’s a medium difficulty 4-hour hike. I’d love to add Croagh Patrick to my list as well. 


Hi, I’m Zac and I’m a supervisor here at Portwest. I started working here in August 2020. My favourite part of working with Portwest is interacting with our customers from all over who want to experience what Killarney has to offer. I really enjoy helping them find what they need and helping them achieve their goals.  

In my spare time, I love kayaking on the lakes of Killarney and walking my dogs along the many trails of Killarney. I enjoy all aspects of the outdoors but particularly enjoy kayaking out on the beautiful lakes of Killarney. I get out there as much as I can (at least twice a month) and love exploring the hidden gems that Killarney has to offer. Aside from this, I would love to do the Camino Santiago in the future. 


My name is Mariah and I started as a retail assistant in Portwest in January 2022. My favourite hiking place in Ireland is Glendalough in County Wicklow. I am enchanted by the folds of green tucked upon every crack of earth. It feels truly magical to go there because it feels as if a creature from the likes of Harry Potter will come tumbling out of the brush.  

There are nine trails that are maintained by the Wicklow Mountains National Park. With all these trails there are always new plants to meet and sites to see. There is a lower lake, an upper lake, ruins of churches, historical landmarks, and a cozy hotel to stay at. 


Hi, my name is Alyssa and I’m a former retail assistant now Manager of Web Sales, Stock, and Returns. I started working for Portwest in November 2020. My favourite activity is to go walking in the Galway Wind Park in Oughterard.  

There are 6 different routes along 48km creating the possibility for different adventures each time. It's a really nice place to go walking because you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like. No matter which path you take the scenery is beautiful.  


Hi, I’m Ann and I’ve been working for Portwest for over 3 years now. I only just started Hiking since the lockdown and I absolutely it. I try to climb somewhere different at least twice a month as I just love the spectacular views here. I have climbed Croghan cliff and the graves of Leinstermen in Co. Tipperary and I look forward to adding more to my bucket list. 


My name is Ciaran, I started in August 2021, and I am now the Manager of the Galway shop. My favourite place that I've hiked in Ireland so far is definitely Glengarriff down in Cork. It's a small nature reserve on one of the peninsulas about an hour away from Killarney.  

It's not a particularly difficult hike and the highest point you'd get up in under half an hour. But the view from the top is amazing and you get to see the surrounding rolling drumlins. Also, the drive to it is pretty scenic to it as well and you get to see loads of the valleys that cork has to offer.  



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