5 Ways to Help Your Children to Love Nature

Do you remember how fascinated you were by nature as a child? Well, do you want to pass this torch to your children? If you’re a parent, you won’t need us to lecture you about the importance of fresh air and nature for your children’s health.  It’s a constant struggle for parents of children of all ages to keep faces out of screens. With summer on the horizon and longer evenings here, we’ve put this list together to help your children to love nature.


  1. Make it a regular family activity:

It doesn’t have to be an epic. Explore where you are. And what we mean by that is like any positive habit, the most important thing is to start. Start off by exploring your garden. We’re sure you’ve memories of walking through your grandparent’s garden as a kid. You can go for a short walk in your garden on the weekend or in the evenings thanks to longer days. You don’t have to travel across the country either. You can choose local parks, hills, and beaches to explore and make it a fun and exciting experience for your children. Your children will begin to look forward to the next adventure because you’re doing it regularly.


  1. Choose age-appropriate activities:

There is no fun in an activity that’s way over your fitness or skill level. And your children are no different. Choose activities that are appropriate for your child's age and skill level. You can start with a walk around your garden or a local park. Notice the colours of the flowers, the sounds. Engage your child’s senses. Ask them what they can hear, see and smell. You can feel the bark of the trees. Start with shorter hikes and easier trails, gradually building up to longer and more challenging hikes as your children get older and more experienced. And above all else it's important your children are comfortable with the activity and enjoy it.


  1. Encourage curiosity:

Encourage your children to be curious and ask questions about the environment they’re exploring. Teach them about different plants, animals, and ecosystems. Bring maps, field guides, binoculars, and magnifying glasses to encourage observation and learning. By nurturing their curiosity, you’ll help them develop a love for nature. Your children are naturally curious so lean into their curiosity.


  1. Make it fun:

This is an important one. Make hiking and nature exploration a fun and engaging activity. You can play games like "I spy" or "nature scavenger hunt". Bring along healthy snacks and plenty of water to keep your children energized and hydrated. Encourage them to take breaks and explore their surroundings.


  1. Lead by example:

Children learn by example. If you show enthusiasm and excitement for nature, your children are more likely to follow your lead. This includes dressing appropriately to keep dry and warm. Share your love of nature with your children by pointing out things you find interesting and beautiful. Teach them about the importance of protecting the environment and leave no trace principles. By leading by example, you will inspire your children to love nature as much as you do.


And let’s be real, we’re guilty too of too much screen time and not enough time in nature but you’re doing your best. There are few things more rewarding than watching your children playing in nature. PortwestThe Outdoor Shop can keep you and your little ones warm and dry in any weather this summer. Check out our children’s range of rain jackets, starting from 6 months old, for the cutest rain jackets you’ve ever seen.

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