5 Reasons You'll Love Cold Water

Has the idea of dipping your toes into Ireland's cold waters ever crossed your mind? If not, it might just be time to reconsider.


We get it, it’s tough to walk into ice cold water when every part of your mind is telling you not to do it. But there's a growing wave of you who are finding cold water swimming and cold showers to be more than just a spine-tingling thrill. And here's 5 reasons why!


1: Embrace the Irish Elements:


Our beautiful country, with its magical coastlines and pristine lakes, is practically calling you for a dip. And guess what? When you answer that call, you're connecting with Ireland on a whole new level. It's our wild, our charm, our very heartbeat. Plus, imagine those Instagram moments with the breath-taking backdrop!


2: Feel the Happy Rush:


There's nothing like the euphoria that comes after a cold splash. That’s your body saying a big 'thank you' with a rush of endorphins. Cold water has this uncanny ability to reset your mood. So if you’ve had one of “those” days, you know what to do!


3: Your Health's New Best Friend:


Consistently braving the cold can be a little favor to your immune system. It's like sending it to a boot camp, but way more fun (and scenic)! Plus, a more robust circulation can only mean good news for your heart and overall well-being.


4: Natural Beauty Boost:


Want your skin to have that fresh, dewy glow? Cold water's got you covered. It's like nature's very own toner. And your hair? Get ready for some serious shine. Who knew the secret to radiant beauty was right in your backyard?


5: Become Unstoppable:


Every time you embrace the cold, you're telling yourself: "I can do this!" It's a resilience and mental strength builder, and soon, you'll find this confidence spilling over into other areas of your life. Doing hard things consistently helps you to keep doing hard things.


If you're ever feeling the urge to connect deeply with our gorgeous landscapes, give your health a nudge, or simply find a new way to radiate confidence, cold water might just be your answer. Whether it's a quick cold shower or a dip in the ocean or a lake, the benefits are abundant.


If you haven’t experienced a cold shower or a dip in the Atlantic Ocean or Irish Sea yet, Coldtober is just around the corner, starting in October. It’s an opportunity to raise money for Helplink Mental Health. Be sure to keep your eye on our social media where we’ll announce the opening date for registration.

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