Berghaus Mens Urban Pravitale Hybrid Jacket

BerghausSKU: A001553004

Size: L
Colour: Dark Grey
Sale price€145.00

Step into winter fully togged up in the best cold weather kit. A smart looking hooded jacket boasts pure comfort with the stretchy, knit fleece. For warmth you can't get much better than the super lightweight, yet super warm Hydroloft insulation, targeting your core body area. As for staying fresh, the breathable properties are spot on whether you're heading to work or a coastal wilderness. There are even more tricks up its thermal sleeves; two handy zipped pockets and a bonded pocket on the sleeve keeps essentials safe, while a dropped hem stops sneaky drafts.


  • SUPERIOR INSULATION Hydroloft and its superb synthetic Polyball insulation is durable, breathable and a master at heat retention.
  • ECO FRIENDLY Great for the environment thanks to bluesign approved fabrics.
  • It also has PFC Free Durable Water Repellent fabrics, so you know you're making a sustainable choice.
  • GREAT WARMTH TO WEIGHT RATIO Synthetic insulation is a real gem, behaving like down it offers impressive warmth with lightweight comfort.
  • Weight: 580g

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