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  • Be Safe Be Seen with Hi Vis accessories

    With the dark evenings setting in and the clocks due to go back in the next couple of weeks, it’s getting more and more important to ensure that you can be clearly seen when walking and cycling on the roads. Check out our new range of high viability accessories including our new L.E.D. beanie, hi vis vest and head torch, to aid in guiding you on the roads in the evenings.

    The new Beanie LED Head Light has already proven extremely popular, in a selection of 4 colours – black, navy, yellow and orange this warm and comfortable beanie hat features a removable LED front light for superior visibility in low light conditions. The light can run up 2/4 hours which you can recharge in a USB port.

    The lightweight and compact illuminating flashing armband is perfect for walkers, runners and cyclists in low light conditions. With just a touch of a button the hi vis band emits a bright glowing light for added visibility with a choice of settings and a battery life of up to 80 hours. The adjustable strap provides the wearer with more comfort.

    One of our newest technologies, combines innovative integrated LED lights with high visibility material and Hi Vis Tex reflective tape. This new vest maximises visibility in all lighting conditions. The 25 lumens LED lights run for up to 80 hours and are visible up to 500 metres away from the wearer. With a range of sizes of generous fit and hook and loop closure system, they LED vest can be worn by anyone and everyone.

    Torches are a must when walking in the dark on those evenings. Check out our torch range where you can find anything from high powered pocket torch which fits in the palm of your hand and is easily accessible all the way up to the our most popular 7 LED Rubber Torch. The 7 LED Rubber Torch has a rubberised coating, making it water resistant, a key essential for the forever changeable Irish weather.


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  • How to Avoid Hiking Injuries


    Ireland has such an interesting, varied and beautiful landscape so it is no surprise that one of the most popular hobbies here is hiking outdoors.  Whether you are hiking for pleasure, or training for an upcoming event, hiking outdoors comes with a set of risks which can lead to discomfort or injury if you aren’t properly prepared with the right gear and knowledge. Here are a few examples of common hiking ailments and what you need to know to be prepared for them.

    • Blisters

    Whether you are new to hiking or a seasoned rambler, chances are you’ve had to deal with blisters at least once. There are a number of things you can do to prevent the occurrence of blisters. First of all your hiking boots should be appropriate for your trip and they should also be the right fit. You should invest in a good pair of specialised hiking socks, the Portwest stores based in Galway, Westport and Killarney have a large selection suitable for this kind of activity. These are made of wicking material, which helps to keep moisture away from your skin, working to prevent irritation and chafing. If you are going on a long trek, you might want to consider investing in a pair of liner socks, which add another layer that acts as a buffer to reduce blister-causing friction.

    • Sunburn

    When being exposed to the sun for most of the day, it can be easy to forget to properly care for your skin. A good sunscreen should be in every adventurer’s pack for every expedition. When choosing your sunscreen, make sure that it offers broad spectrum protection (UVA and UVB) and that it has an SPF rating of 30 or higher. Portwest stock specialist sun cream specifically designed for hikers and a range of clothing for walking outdoors, as another easy way to make sure you avoid painful sunburn is to wear long sleeve shirts, and long trousers instead of short sleeved tops and shorts. Don't forget that it is essential to top up your sunscreen regularly; much of the sunscreen you have applied throughout the day can wash off through sweat, or in streams/waterfalls you trek.

    • Dehydration

    Even on a short walk or hike, you can become dehydrated at a quicker rate than you might think. If left unchecked, dehydration can cause dizziness, headaches and exhaustion, which could lead to bigger problems when hiking out in the wild far removed from amenities and services. To prevent dehydration, you can very simply hydrate well before your trip, and stay hydrated whilst on the trail. One of the easiest ways to carry a sufficient amount of water with you is to bring a hydration style backpack, which can hold between 0.5 and 4 litres. Portwest stock a range of packs including water bottles and electrolyte sachets. Be sure to drink small amounts and at regular intervals to prevent dehydration!

    • Insect Bites

    Much like preventing sunburn, preventing irritation from biting or stinging insects can be as simple as wearing clothing that covers as much skin as possible. For those looking to ensure that biting insects aren’t a concern, clothes woven with compounds such as Permethrin or NosiDefence, which are insect repellents, are available. Of course, another essential pack item for any adventurer is insect repellent lotion or spray. Portwest stock both repellents and after care products. There are a number of different sprays and lotions available of varying strength, ranging from all natural organic repellents to those with powerful compounds like DEET to make sure you stay protected.


    Always be prepared before you set out on your next adventure! Make sure you carry all items necessary to avoid discomfort or injury.

    Portwest stock a full range of essential items for common hiking ailments. They also carry a full range of hiking clothing and boots to suit all budgets. Portwest shops are located in Galway, Westport and Killarney.

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  • Portwest Fleece Range - Perfect any time of the year!

    Mens Fleece

    Alan Clarke  


    A Fleece is an excellent addition to any wardrobe, and can be worn any time of the year, especially in Ireland!  The classic versatile fleece provides warm layers during the winter months, yet its lightweight material means it is often reached for during the summer months as an alternative to bulky coats.  All our fleece are lightweight making them extremely easy to wear.

    The range features material which is wind resistant protecting against wind and chill factor.  The Portwest range features both thermal and bonded material. Our anti – pill thermal fabrics are extra soft and comfortable to wear.  The lofted fibre structure helps trap air and reduce heat loss making it perfect for a wide range of activities.




    The anti-pill bonded fleece fabric is created for maximum thermal protection and is suitable for outdoor activities that require essential insulation.

    The fabric ensures core temperature is maintained whilst being extra soft and comfortable. Our fleece collars have additional lining which protects against cold air and further warms the wearer preserving body heat.  Our quarter zip options allow the wearer to easily adjust body temperature by zipping up or down the collar. This makes the Finn Quarter Zip  and Valencia Quarter Zip as part of our new 2017 must haves, perfect for any occasion any time of year.

    Portwest Leisurewear

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  • Festival Guide - What not to leave behind

    Festival Guide - What not to leave behind


    Burren Jacket Burren Jacket

    Festival season is well and truly underway, with Castlepalooza, Indiependence and many more over the next few weeks.  If your going to these or any other festivals this summer we have put together a list of what you must not forget!!


    Pretty obvious, but choosing the right sort of tent for a festival is important. If you’re on your own a simple pop-up will probably meet your needs but if there will be a few people in the tent a quick pitch tent is the way to go.

    Sleeping bags/pillows/mats

    Make sure to bring a good sleeping bag as we live in Ireland after all, so it will probably be cold. Sleeping mats will help to retain heat as well.

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  • Portwest Lightweight Waterproof Jackets are perfect for Irish Summers!

    Portwest have a wide range of men's and ladies waterproof jackets in a variety of styles and colours. The Portwest waterproof fabric has been developed with our customer in mind.  It is designed to wick moisture away from the body and pass through the outer fabric keeping you cool and comfortable on those rainy days.  Our specially treated fabric has been developed to form a barrier against wind while also offering breathabilty.  And of course the unpredictable Irish weather means a good rain jacket is essential in Ireland!

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  • What to look for when buying a wetsuit

    What to look for when buying a wetsuit.

    Womens Portwest Wetsuit Wearing a wetsuit is essential in this country considering our waters are cold practically all year round. It is important to find a surfing wetsuit that caters specifically to individual needs. There are different types of wetsuits offered by many surfing companies, including Portwest, O’Neill, Quicksilver, Roxy and Rip Curl. Each offers unique styles and designs, and it is important to keep your options open and take into consideration all options. When choosing a surfing wetsuit, there are several key factors to judge by: durability, flexibility, warmth provided, comfort, and style.

    Durability Surfing wetsuits are made from a high-quality material called neoprene. Despite the ranging differences between wetsuits, neoprene is the basic foundation of the wetsuit. The durability of a wetsuit will be directly related to its level of quality. Wetsuits with less seams (where there is stitching), and thicker material tend to be of higher quality. After the eventual wear-and-tear a wetsuit goes through, it is important that the seams stay tight and together to prevent any holes. Wetsuits measure thickness in millimeters, and wetsuits that effectively accommodate surfing needs are usually between 2 and 6 millimeters thick. If surfing is a regular routine, the wetsuit will, in time, show signs of deterioration. However, choosing a durable, superior wetsuit will significantly slow this process.

    Flexibility The amount of movement made while surfing makes flexibility a necessity. This, too, depends on the thickness and quality of the wetsuit. A surfing wetsuit with few seams, usually at the arms and the legs, will provide more flexibility than a wetsuit with more seams. The neoprene material stretches to provide flexibility, but the stitches of the seams can only withstand so much pressure before creating limitations. It is important to find a wetsuit that allows the legs to stretch and expand fully, and allows for the arms to swing comfortably back and forth. When trying on wetsuits, try to mimic the movements you would make while in the ocean.


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  • Portwest Leisurewear Feature on 'Big Week on the Farm'

    Big Week on the Farm

    Did you catch ‘Big Week on the Farm’ last week?

    In its second series Ella McSweeney and Aine Lawlor joined the Shalvey family on their farm in Cavan.  With world records, special guests, not to mention all the cute animals it’s a show that always delivers.  And RTÉ's hit show, "Big Week on the Farm" have just added another reason love the show,  Last week’s show featured two favourites from the Porwest leisurewear range.

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  • Announcing Our Partnership with Connacht Rugby!

    Portwest are delighted to announce our partnership with Connacht Rugby.

    Connacht Rugby and Portwest have announced a new three year jersey sponsorship deal, with the company logo appearing on the sleeve of the new jersey which will be unveiled in July.

    11 /04/2017 Repro free: Media Release ?9 April 2017 James Heaslip with Ultan Dillane, Matt Healy and Eoghan Masterson Connacht Rugby who signed New three year sponsorship deal with Portwest . Connacht Rugby and Portwest have announced a new three year jersey sponsorship deal. This is the first foray into the world of rugby for outdoor and workwear company Portwest. The company logo will appear on the sleeve of the new jersey which will be unveiled in July. Owned by brothers Cathal, Harry and Owen Hughes, Portwest is the fastest growing workwear company in the world and confidently expect turnover to reach €350 million by 2021. Portwest has three high street outdoor shops in Galway and Westport. Commenting on the new partnership, Connacht Rugby CEO Willie Ruane said: “We are delighted to welcome Portwest on board with us in what is a really exciting partnership for both parties. While Portwest operate on a worldwide scale, they are a local, West of Ireland company whose values are very much aligned to our own.” “This is an exciting new sponsorship for Portwest”, said Owen Hughes, Acquisition and Financial Director at Portwest Limited, “We see this as a perfect match – two high achieving west of Ireland enterprises constantly innovating and sharing a confident, can-do attitude. We look forward to working with Connacht Rugby into the future”. Portwest Group Chairman Cathal Hughes also welcomed the new partnership, saying, “We are very happy to work with Connacht Rugby. Although we are a global company, we remain strongly committed to supporting our local community. This is an ideal opportunity to partner with a proud sporting team who carry the west of Ireland standard high wherever they go”. ENDS Contact: Lesley Emerson, PR West?lesley@prwest.ie 087 2263319 Louise Creedon, Media & PR Manager, Connacht Rugby?louise.creedon@connachtrugby.ie 087 7390046? Portwest Westport-based Portwest has been designing, developing and manufact

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  • Waterproof Rainwear: Buying a New Portwest Rain Jacket

    Are you in need of a new rain jacket, but not sure which one is right for you? There are a few things you should know when considering purchasing a jacket to keep you nice and dry.

    Portwest jackets are made with Ventron technology, a specially treated fabric with a membrane that prevents water entering, but allows vapour to escape. It also protects you against the wind chill factor. You’ll probably notice a waterproof rating on our jackets, such as 5K, but what does it mean? The rating represents the thousands of millimetres of rain the fabric can withstand in 24 hours before water permeates. The majority of our rainwear is 5K, however our new range includes the ladies Kinsale Jacket and mens Malin Jacket, which are both 10K. We’ve also added the ladies Burren Jacket and mens Nephin Jacket, which is our most waterproof jacket yet at 15K.

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